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POEMS funding:

POEMS funding was available for UK-based network members who are academics, research assistants, clinicians, or healthcare professionals.

POEMS funding is now closed.

Submissions will be considered by the network executive committee, and funding decisions will normally be made within 2 weeks of submission.

POEMS will normally fund two types of activity, but proposals for public engagement and other activities are also welcomed:

Themed events aim to enable groups within POEMS to organise an event around a focus that is aligned with
the scientific objectives of the network. Examples include a workshop for presentation and discussion of recent research, a meeting over several days to prepare or finalise a paper, a focussed event to develop or work on a research proposal, a meeting jointly held with another network, session at a clinical meeting, or a satellite meeting at a larger conference. POEMS will normally contribute up to £2.5k per event, although we will consider larger requests providing the additional cost to the network is carefully justified.

Travel grants
are a contribution to the travel and subsistence costs of visits to enable any POEMS member to establish new UK collaborations, or to bring overseas collaborators to the UK. The normal contribution from POEMS will be up to £750, although we will consider larger amounts providing the additional cost is carefully justified. These grants will not cover conference costs, rather the purpose of these grants is to provide a mechanism for research visits. The topic of the research visit should be aligned with the scope of the network, and specific reasons and objectives for the visits should be identified. Priority will be given to visits to establish new collaborations.

Proposals should be a case for support (max. 2 pages A4), which addresses the following points:
  • Rationale for the event or visit. Briefly explain the background and novelty of the proposed activity.
  • Alignment with the POEMS objectives. Give reasons why this activity should be funded by POEMS, and explain the benefit to POEMS membership.
  • New collaborations. Explain how the activity will promote new collaborations, or extend existing collaborations to the benefit of POEMS.
  • Funding available or requested from other sources.
  • Details. Specify dates of events (even if these are tentative) and identify speakers or visitors where possible.
  • Costings. Justify the expected costs, bearing in mind that reasons for requesting more than the normal limits of £2.5k for themed events and £750 for travel grants should be given.
Proposals should be emailed to r.h.clayton@sheffield.ac.uk before the deadline. You may be asked to revise your application in order for funding to be approved.

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